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FishEye 360 Degree Panoramic Dome Camera

Having blind spots in your CCTV network can be dangerous. If you want your family and belongings to be safe, you need to be able to have eyes on them all the time. That’s impossible you say? Not with the 360 degree Fisheye Camera!

Use just one camera to monitor all angles of a location, without having any blind spots. Thanks to the powerful software, you will be able to view the video feed in six different ways. (Original View, Broad View, Dual View, Triple View, Quad View and Quad View with Original View) This means that the distorted Fisheye view can be converted to a normal image and, you will be able to have up to 4 different views based off the same camera at the same time. With each of those 4 views being able to pan, tilt and zoom independently! It is fit to apply to the hall, office room, waiting room, self-service bank market, warehouse etc.