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For over 20 years, government agencies, commercial buildings and educational institutions have used Viper Protection & SPY products to solve complex and sensitive security challenges, earning our reputation as offering the most sophisticated and end user-friendly video surveillance and security systems available.

We provide and always ready to challenge any company dealing on security equipment with the following:

  • • Lifetime Technical Support
  • • High Quality Products—that meets and exceed USA, Europe, and Japanese Standards.
  • • Superior Customer Service
  • • Lowest Prices Daily
  • • Innovative and Advanced Performance in Technology

We stand solidly behind every product we sell to our customers worldwide.

Security Cameras and Surveillance Systems atViper Protection & SPY

We are always the first name in comprehensive security solutions. We specialize in all types of Security Cameras and encourage customers to browse our entire website for camera types that meet their specific needs.

Indoor Cameras and Outdoor Cameraswork great for offices, businesses, home and property protection. Our security cameras are top of the line in the industry and are used in all Government, Schools, Hotels, Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Businesses where real and smart innovative and advanced technology is needed.

Professionals and Dedicated security personnel love our line of active management systems such as:Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (PTZ) Cameras.

Custom Kit Builder
Here is where we are always on top because, many of our customers come to us knowing they need security and surveillance systems but are not sure where to begin.

Well, our Custom Kit Builder or live staff willguide you step-by-step throughout the process that will help you design the right system for your security needs as well as your budget—because we will not break your Bank, instead we save you a lot of money when you compare us with others.

Our Staff or the Kit Builder will make sure you didn’t forget any important parts or components your security system will require, such as wiring, cable, connectors and even offers a discount of 10%- 20% or more on complete system purchases.

Stand-Alone/Single/Multiple Camera Kits:
From homes to businesses, if you have an idea of how many cameras you need to protect your property Viper Protection has a kit designed for you.

Be it a Single View or a Commercial Network, our Complete Systems offer everything you need to get your security system running today and in the future without any interruption.

Unique Design or Specialty Systems:
We have Night Vision Camerasthat provide even higher level of protection for dark and low light environments that need constant monitoring.

What about our Long Range Camerasthat are perfect for building-mounted systems that need to protect larger parking lots or property?

Viper Protection offers several long range models that include Night Vision, Weather-Proof/Water-Proof, IR-NO Glow in the Dark Bullet and Dome Cameras, PTZ, and Zoom Cameras.

We also, have 360 Degree-Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) Cameras with no blind-spot; plus License Plate Camerasthat can provide you with actionable intelligence technology with the highest zoom capability which captures any Car Plate no matter the speed of that Car.

All our Digital Video Recording (DVR) or Mini-DVR systems allow you to automatically capture as much video as needed, either through a stand-alone DVR System or a Computer Capture Card (DVR-Card) and have it available on demand.

This is especially useful for Employers and Law-Enforcement who need to review the footage if an incident has occurred whether today or last week, or even a month ago..

Professional Installation and Customer Service
Our products are built to be easy to install and more user-friendly. When you buy any of our products we will ensure and guarantee you a smooth and seamless transition from our online store to your physical location.

Also, we maintain a professionaland a friendly customer service department comprised of security professionals waiting to take your call 24 hours a day/6 days a week. We close on Sundays.

You are guaranteed to rely/depend on our products, which have passed our rigidQuality Control (QC) tests in several thousands of real life applications.

And you are also, welcome to trust our professionals, who are licensed and trained to make your life easier and to provide you with advanced safety, security, and protection with our security system.

Find the right system and Count on us for all your Security, Safety and Protective needs at Viper Protection & SPY, Corp.